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Top Home Features That Luxury Homebuyers Look For

Modern luxury home interior

Now that we are in the COVID-19 era where staying home for health and safety is the norm, the trend in home design calls for features that combine luxury and style with function and efficiency. Upscale home buyers are on the lookout for features that will enable them to conveniently work remotely, bring the family closer together, and stay comfortable throughout the day.

With that in mind, take note of these high-end home features to consider when selling a luxury home:

Smart home technology

Imagine not having to get up from your chair or bed to control the heating system or to check if you have locked all the doors and windows. A home with integrated smart technology allows its owners to automate actions and access home systems from their mobile devices even when they are not at home. Not only does this feature bring more comfort and convenience, but it also enhances safety and security – all at the touch of a button or through a voice command.

Modern new builds

There are many Victorian homes and old buildings found in several neighborhoods of San Francisco – some centuries-old – but are full of character and charm. While many high-end buyers prefer new builds with modern design, some of them who want to live here cannot resist the pull of these vintage beauties. In fact, the well-maintained ones have lovely updated interiors and have been retrofitted with more modern fixtures and systems. 

The open-concept floor plan is also another popular trend these days, with most luxury homebuyers wanting flowing layouts complemented with contemporary interior design.

Turnkey home

In addition to getting a brand-new or newly renovated home, the more moneyed set of homebuyers is also willing to pay for a move-in-ready house. It means that the house does not require more work or buying furniture. Many buyers would prioritize a turnkey home over having scenic views.

Impressive kitchens

The kitchen’s main purpose is to serve as a spot for cooking and preparing meals. But now, it has truly embraced its stature as the heart of the home by also being an area for entertaining family and close friends. The open floor plan has integrated the kitchen seamlessly with other living spaces, thus allowing unhindered interaction. 

On top of the open floor plan, luxury homebuyers are also looking for a kitchen with impressive cabinetry, chef-grade commercial appliances, integrated smart technology, and a modern design. 

And because cooking can get messy, some luxury homes have a dirty kitchen that’s separate from the designer kitchen.

Staying fit at home

Being quarantined at home also means that there is a significant decrease in physical activity. Because of this, luxury homebuyers are looking for houses with facilities for holistic wellness, such as a gym and spa, as well as spaces dedicated to children and pets.

Luxury outdoor spaces

Outdoor spaces that seamlessly flow from indoors are appealing to high-end homebuyers. These resort-style outdoor living spaces may be decked with patios for al fresco dining, gourmet kitchens, and infinity pools. 

Home office

Before the onset of the pandemic, busy professionals have been keen on working remotely so that they could accomplish their tasks anytime, anywhere. Now that working from home has become a long-term necessity, homebuyers are on the lookout for homes for sale that can accommodate business and professional needs. 

Homes with a private, quiet space designated for working will be more appealing to buyers. Enhance its market value by installing efficient technology, including ample electrical outlets, hardwired Ethernet connections, and fast Wi-Fi connectivity.

Large storage and garage spaces

Luxury homeowners would want ample space for their possessions like walk-in closets, designated storage rooms, and even outdoor sheds.

Garage space also matters and has become a must in luxury homes. Following the multifunctional space trend, large garages not only serve as parking spaces or a showroom for the owners’ car collection but also a workshop or an entertainment den, among other purposes.

Conversation pieces

Incorporate interesting custom features in the home that will serve as interesting conversation starters with guests or as beautiful focal points.

A trend among luxury homes is incorporating recycled or reclaimed materials with modern design. This adds personality to the house and architectural details that owners can proudly show off.

Ultimately, the best way to guarantee that your luxury home for sale will make a great first impression and receive a lot of offers is through staging. Work with a reliable Realtor to help you with staging and increase your home’s value.

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