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Expert Tips (That Work) for Staging A House for Sale

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Did you know that a well-staged home sells 87% faster than the ones that were not?

Staging a house for sale is a tried and tested marketing technique that allows you to highlight your property’s best qualities so that it appeals to most buyers. With proper guidance from a realtor in San Francisco, you can increase your home’s perceived value by one to five percent which ultimately gets you more offers.

According to the National Association of Realtors, agents believed that the most important room to stage is the bedroom. That’s right—more important than the living room or kitchen! This is why it pays to put an extra effort to show your buyers what they can do if, in any case, they purchase your home. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Decluttering Should Not Be An Option

Any realtor in San Francisco will tell you to declutter your bedroom before putting your property on the list. It is the most important step in staging a house for sale. Doing this makes the space seem bigger and more upscale. Note that some buyers are also interested in closet space so hiding everything inside your closet may not be the best idea.


Proper positioning of your closet plays a big role in making your bedroom look spacious and welcoming. Make sure to put away unnecessary items hanging around when you have viewers.

For clothes, arrange them by color or by length as it is easier on the eyes.

Pro Tip: Note that dressers take up spaces and will take away valuable square footage. If
possible, keep your floor clear—leave at least two-thirds of your room empty.


Bright paint colors are too personal and loud–you might need to shy away from that. Many experienced home stagers use neutral tones as it evokes a sense of relaxation better than bright colors do. However, avoid monochromatic colors as it could make your wall look too flat.

According to an insight survey among real estate agents, many prospective buyers prefer beige as their top choice of color. At first glance, beige can look boring or bland but if you find the right shade for your room, it creates a warm and homey feeling many buyers will love.


Window treatments can be tricky but can be your best ally if you’re looking to get more offers for your property. For instance, if your room has low ceilings, you can install your curtain rods higher than the window to make it appear taller.

Meanwhile, if you have big windows, make sure to use light curtains as the heavy ones will drag down your space. Otherwise, you can simply install blinds and basic sheer curtain panels for a clean look.


Proper lighting dramatically alters the overall look of any living space–especially when you’re staging a house for sale. If your property is surrounded by trees and shade, your bedroom will most likely feel small, uninviting, and dirty (even if it is not). You can use wall sconces to add a nice accent to an otherwise empty space or a lampshade big enough for your nightstand.

Pro Tip: When showing your bedroom, make sure to open all your curtains and blinds. Natural light will create a soft and welcoming atmosphere for your space.


Your goal is to create a homey space where potential buyers can imagine themselves walking into their bedroom at the end of a long day—make it as cozy as possible. Invest in a good quality bed and elegant-looking linens. A new white bedding will instantly make your room clean and well-kept. For accents, throw in some decorated pillows or a quilt with a color that goes well with your bedding.

For a complete look, you might also need to invest in a headboard so your bed will be the focal point of the room.


Mirrors are functional and inexpensive accessories that add light and personality to any room. Depending on where you place it, this piece could make your bedroom appear larger than it actually is. If you have an empty wall, a framed mirror or a custom-cut one will add an accent to the space without looking too personal.

Home staging offers a myriad of benefits for both sellers and buyers. It allows the owner to make their property showroom-ready while helping prospective buyers imagine themselves living in it. If you are looking for a trusted realtor in San Francisco to help you walk through the process of staging a house for sale, you call Team Hatvany at 415.345.3022 or email at team(at)teamhatvany(dotted)com to find out what your options are in real estate.

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