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Real Estate Roundtable

San Francisco housing is a bargain? That was the consensus of more than two dozen of the region’s top real estate professionals attending a recent roundtable luncheon at the Fairmont Hotel. Hosted by the Nob Hill Gazette and moderated by...

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How To Transfer Property Tax From Old House To New

Q:Brad N. asks, "I am 64. I am buying a more expensive house in San Francisco and would like to know if I can transfer my property tax from the house I have in San Francisco." A: Probably not, although it is theoretically possible if Brad c...

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City of Hills

San Francisco Chronicle Sunday, November 7, 2004 by Tom Graham City of Hills With 50-plus hills, it's no wonder that San Francisco is considered the second hilliest city in the world, next to La Paz, Bolivia   A hiker climbs Eu...

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Using Psychology to Close the Deal

IN DEPTH: RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE DEALS OF THE YEAR Using Psychology to Close the Deal Ryan Tate San Francisco Business Times From the May 9, 2003 print edition You don't want to be across a negotiating table from Nina Hatvany. With...

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