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Top 8 Features Your Luxury Home Should Have

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There are many ways to define “luxury” in a luxury home, which usually fall along the lines of “high price range”, “premium neighborhood”, or “upscale home design.”

But truly luxurious homes go beyond monetary value. If you’re planning to make improvements or upgrades to your luxury home, consider not only the quality of materials and amenities, but also the value they add to your lifestyle.

Here are the top 8 features a luxury home should have in today’s market:

Exclusive location

An important defining aspect of a luxury home is location. While many high-end real estate properties emphasize prestigious neighborhoods, nearby amenities, or gorgeous views, the most sought-after quality is exclusivity.

Luxury homebuyers seek privacy, and this is why they gravitate to properties like exclusive lakefronts, expansive tree-lined estates, or condo penthouses. The ideal luxury home is a concealed sanctuary, where residents are free to relax and unwind knowing they’re shielded from prying eyes and passing strangers.

Open floor plan and perfect lighting

Nothing says luxurious living more than a grand, airy entryway that opens to a two-story staircase and a chic home design that flows smoothly throughout the house. In short, you will want an open floor plan that gives a feeling of space and easy movement.

You should also consider investing in glass doors, skylights, and a lot of windows. Natural light is the most powerful mood-maker, and this can make your luxury home feel larger, cleaner, and more comforting.

But as natural light also fades, think about investing in strategically placed light fixtures that can accent the architectural design and furnishings of your home while creating your desired ambiance.

Latest home technology

While ornate manors and historical mansions may hold intrinsic value, it can be a different story if it means living with antiquated home technology.

To give your home a competitive edge, consider investing in smart technology. To many, luxury living today means automation, where everything is connected wirelessly and controlled with a single touch of your phone or a short voice command. At the least, you will want your home to have the latest in-home smart security.

Chic and classy décor

Accent pieces add an element of personality and sophistication in a room. Unique furnishings like a classic piano can add a sense of elegance and style in a sitting room or foyer. Contemporary art pieces, colorful paintings, or classy black and white photographs can also add an air of refinement.

Consider incorporating wood elements and polished silver-toned metals in your interiors. Wood provides depth and warmth, while silver-toned metals give off a gorgeous sparkle.

World-class kitchen

The heart of the home is the kitchen. Make yours as comfortable and welcoming as possible with high-quality appliances, chic counters, and a sleek, uncluttered design. Special touches like wine fridges, a large pantry, and a grand view can raise the luxury bar.

Luxe essentials: spa bathrooms and grand bedrooms

Re-create the luxury spa and hotel experience in your bathrooms with spacious walk-in showers, heated floors, towel warmers, a lavish bathtub, and similar features.

And one’s most private sanctuary – the bedroom – should be the pinnacle of comfort and relaxation. Master bedrooms in luxury homes typically come with plenty of space with room for a queen-sized bed, seating areas, topnotch technology, and walk-in closets.

Unique amenities

While the Bay Area never runs out of fun things to offer, a luxury home should make you feel like you don’t have to step out to get the entertainment you seek.

An in-home theater and/or game room has practically become a fixture in luxury properties. In today’s market, the most in-demand luxury homes include special amenities like an indoor basketball or tennis court, a sauna, and a lavish sports bar for entertaining guests.

Gorgeous outdoor features

With the global pandemic keeping most of us cooped up at home, outdoor living features have become even more desirable than ever.

A cozy outdoor kitchen and barbecue area are perfect for those precious moments outside the house. Equip it with such features as a built-in gas grill, a food prep area with a sink, a small fridge for food and drink storage, and lots of comfy patio seating areas for entertaining guests.

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