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Size vs. location: Which to prioritize when choosing a home

Three storey house with two garage

This 3-story, 4-bedroom home for sale in San Francisco’s Russian Hill neighborhood
boasts spectacular views of the San Francisco Bay, Alcatraz, and the Golden Gate Bridge.
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A home is one of the biggest investments anyone will make. It is resourceintensive and can take a lot of time and energy to get it just the way you want it.
Many decisions occur at the very beginning – when you are just about to purchase a home. You have to think about the housing market, the condition and age of the home, and what the total costs will be.

Two of the biggest considerations involve size and location. Sometimes, people simply have to make a choice between the two. However, if you are looking at San Francisco homes for sale, this article should help you make a more informed decision on which choice should take precedence.

Size is more important if:

  • You want to start or grow a family

    Starting or raising a family is one of the main reasons people choose larger homes over location. Children often outgrow their shared bedrooms even before they hit their teens because they develop a greater need for privacy. It’s at this point that many families move to a roomier home in the suburbs where they can usually get more value for their money.

  • You are downsizing

    Big homes are ideal for people with large families. But when the children move away and you’re in your retirement years, smaller condos in San Francisco, for example, become a more attractive option. There’s less upkeep, the amenities that matter to you are close by, and you can still invite your neighbors over for a nice dinner or a rooftop barbecue.

  • You are attracted to the special features of the house

    How do you like your home? Smaller but with a cozier vibe? Expansive but with features that are the envy of many? The luxury high rise apartments in San Francisco can be a lot more captivating and attractive than a suburban home. People who love city life can put a premium on the views offered by high-rises.

  • You do a lot of traveling

    If you frequently travel for business, work, or pleasure, you may not want a home that’s too big. After all, you spend most of your time on the road. Therefore, size is crucial. Purchasing a smaller luxury high rise apartment in San Francisco makes more sense than buying a large house with high upkeep costs.

  • You need more space

    Even if the kids have their own rooms in your current home, things change when they get older. They may want to invite their own sets of friends over to play video games or sleep over. You may need a larger garage if you decide to buy them their own vehicles. Therefore, it can get a little crowded in your current home. For the comfort of everyone, you need to move to a larger place. Think, too, about the likelihood of having guests over for a holiday weekend or other festive occasions when you go house hunting so your next home meets your current and long-term needs.

Location is more important when:

Aerial view of a zigzag road with houses besides

  • You are buying a house as an investment

    Some people aren’t buying homes to live in; they are making an investment by renting it out. If that’s the case, location is crucial. That is why smaller, strategically placed Bay Area condos for sale usually sell for much more than larger homes in less prime areas.

  • You want your children to attend the better schools

    To some parents, the quality of education their children receive is their top consideration. Therefore, homes in areas with top notch schools can seal the deal for them. San Francisco has amazing homes in many such areas including West Portal, Laurel Heights, and Central Richmond.

  • You need an ideal commute

    Where you work is another big factor when it comes to choosing your home in San Francisco. If you want a quick, no-hassle commute to work, you might want to think about buying a condo in the Bay Area. Although a unit in the city will be smaller than a home in the suburbs and potentially more expensive, the hours your save on commute time may be worth it. Studies have shown that people who have shorter commutes are less stressed and have more time to do things they enjoy.

  • You want access to amenities

    Amenities make our lives easier and simpler. When you need access to good shopping areas, health clinics, social centers, recreational areas, and so on, you will want to look for a home that puts you in close proximity to these conveniences. If that’s the case, then you may need to forego size in favor of location.

The final decision on whether to choose size over location, or vice versa, is
determined by the following:

  • Your current needs
  • The amount of money you are willing to spend on a piece of property
  • Your future plans

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