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San Francisco yacht clubs you can join

There are a number of fantastic yacht clubs located in the bay area of San Francisco. Being a part of one of these clubs can often be a very rewarding experience for a range of individuals – and in a number of ways.

Whether you want to meet new people with a love for yachting as strong as yours, or enjoy sailing and cruising; joining one of these kinds of establishments might be ideal for you.

What is a yacht club?

If you choose to be a part of one of these kinds of social organizations, you’ll enjoy a chance to learn more about yachting and how to improve your skills, express your love for sailing and the sport, engage with other members who are just as passionate as you are, and so much more.

Often they’re located in a building by a body of water, with a section typically available for the group’s activities to take place. Most clubhouses will have cafes and restaurants to give members a comfortable setting to socialize.

Things you may want to know

Yachting keywords

Within almost every community, you are likely to find that there are a range of keywords and sayings that make sense to those with a passion for their hobby. With this in mind, you may want to make yourself familiar with a few of the terms typically used in boating, and how to pronounce them.

For example, it’s crucial for members to correctly enunciate the word burgee, which is a three-sided pennant that displays the association’s emblem and/or colors. Another word that is often important to know is commodore, which is essentially what you call the leader of the club.

Do you need a ship of your own?

Typically, members of these kinds of boat clubs won’t actually be required to own a yacht, so if you’re hoping to introduce yourself to the sport, enjoy some sailing, or just learn more about yachting in general; you’re sure to want to take the opportunity to sign up.

Platinum Clubs of America

Only the best of the best in the US earn a spot on the Platinum Clubs of America list – and there’s a strict set of criteria to ensure that only the most exclusive associations are selected to feature here. Those that do make it onto the list will offer a range of advantages to their members, so it may be worthwhile to do a little research before joining.

Which is the best San Francisco yacht club ?

There are several great social boating associations located at the San Francisco Bay, so if you live near this part of the city, you’re sure to want to take a look at a few of the different ones that are situated here. You may want to consider joining:

Golden Gate Yacht Club

Winning the America’s Cup in 2010 and again in 2013, most would agree that this club is one of the best in the city. Founded in 1939, it was once an old barge that was used as a gathering place for fishermen. As you can guess, it’s come a long way since then. The initiation fees for regular members is $2,500, although association initiations for those between 21 and 30 years old only cost $250.

San Francisco Model Yacht Club

This club is the perfect place for many boat-lovers. The members here are dedicated to both building and sailing a variety of working model yachts; from fishing boats, to cabin cruisers. With a collection of handmade models here, free sailing races held most weekends from March to October, and fairly priced membership; it’s not hard to see why this club is so popular.

Bay View Boat Club

Founded in 1961, this association has plenty to offer. It’s often referred to as the workingman’s boat club, thanks to the fact that a number of gallery shows are hosted here. A full member will often only need to own a 25% interest of a boat (although 15% of the club members are active boaters who don’t actually own one of their own). Initiation fees are generally $325 – and while it is rather pricey, you may find that it’s well worth it.

St. Francis Yacht Club

Often considered to be one of the most prestigious yachting clubs in the world, there’s plenty to love about the St. Francis Yacht Club. It’s so great in fact, that several world championship sailors and Olympians are members here.

The stunning wood-paneled clubhouse has a warm and friendly atmosphere. There’s so much more on offer too; from the world’s finest collection of wooden ship models, to Tinsley Island. The initiation fees do tend to be quite high – and the club doesn’t release these figures to the public.

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