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Life in Billionaires’ Row in The Eyes of a Realtor in San Francisco

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When the earthquake and fires of 1906 ravaged San Francisco, the real estate was up on market. With the landscape cleaned out, the rich remain and rebuild their mansions and continue on with their lives living in the best location in the city – at the top of Pacific Heights where you can see the best view of the Bay, a perfect overlooking of the ocean.

Billionaires’ Row, formerly known as Millionaire’s Row, continuously attracts attention especially when ‘Pac Heights’ neighborhood started to buzz around with well-known names of tycoons, tech gurus and even politicians living in the area circling in as members of the so-called San Francisco high society. As these billionaires continue to infuse their share of fortune in the neighborhood, the area has become more exciting and elicits more luxurious feels from the high end restaurants in San Francisco, best gym in bay area, realtor San Francisco, to the luxury high rise apartments San Francisco.

San Francisco offers beautiful attractions, amazing outdoor activities and thriving culinary escapades. With the cool coastal weather in the area, the Golden Gate City is truly one of the most sought-after districts to live in. When it comes to sightseeing visits, some people find Billionaire’ Row as ‘quite the walk’ over other available attractions. This is probably a great deal for you especially when you are looking for a less crowded and more exclusive experience.

Walking towards the Billionaire’s Row, get a taste of the wealthiest people dining experience in the high-end restaurants in San Francisco. Around Fillmore Street, you can see a lineup of prestigious restaurants to choose from with a variety of exquisite cuisines to fill you up. You can also visit some of the boutique shops available in the area.

Appreciate the stroll with the architectural magnificence of Spreckle’s Mansion and learn from the history of Haas-Lilienthal House built in 1886, a Victorian style heritage home in San Francisco. The stairs of Steiner and Jackson Streets in Alta Vista Park is a picturesque spot with the view of Alcatraz Island.

But, the magical experience begins with the steep walk to Broadway Street. The Pacific Heights, located in the peak of San Francisco, offers the most astonishing views, overlooking the bay and the luxury high rise apartments in San Francisco and some of the largest residential houses in the city. It features the grandest homes in the area and it is known as the most popular and most expensive place to live in San Francisco with an average rent of more or less $4,000 dollars a month for a one-bedroom apartment.

Walk in the most expensive sector in San Francisco with viewing of the grand and opulent enclaves of the billionaires. The neighborhood called the Billionaire’s Row is where you can find the mansion of Paypal creator David Sacks, Larry Ellison of Oracle, Farmville creator Marc Benioff, Apple design genius Jony Ive, celebrated novelist Danielle Steel, Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman and other homes worth $35 million and above. The Lyon Street Stairs is a picture-perfect spot with the spectacular city view and the beautiful garden scenery well-maintained by the neighborhood. Pacific Heights also offers easy access to The Presidio National Park and has the best gym in the Bay Area.

Realtor San Francisco Guide to Billionaire’s Row

You can find Billionaire’s Row from Lyon Street to Divisadero Street on Broadway Ave. It is literally on top of a hill. If you are driving, you can usually find parking here. But, if you will be bag packing on your own or with family, friends or dear ones, to get to this high-status neighborhood, you can ride using public transportation routes 1, 3, 12, 22, 24, 43 and bus 45. If you are coming from Union Square, you can use public transportation routes 3 and 45, or walk your way to Presidio or Palace of Fine Arts. The walk will take you around 40 minutes.

You may find enjoyment in walking as you go along with the attractions of Presidio and other attractions mentioned above before reaching the top and experience the breathtaking moments of this place. While strolling, you can enjoy the features of the exceptional late 19th century architectures, the historical church which ignited a movement, and see the colossal rehab program. On this tour, learn more of the many stories of how these billionaires found their way home here and built their fortunes back here while taking a glance of the castles of olden years. Indeed, this neighborhood is a great escape from the bustling city life.

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