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How painting new colors on your house can boost its value

Person Holding Paint Roller On Wall staging a house for sale by realtor san francisco

Are you looking to sell your San Francisco home? Do you want to sell your house fast and move to a different location? Then you need to ensure that your house is in great condition. This is crucial in getting the best value out of your property.

Staging a house for sale is a viable option to consider for making your property look more appealing. In case you’re on a budget, there are ways to increase your home’s value DIY style. You can start by giving your home a fresh coat of paint.

But how can applying new colors boost your home’s resale value? What are the specific areas you need to repaint before selling your property? Let’s find out below.

Exterior paint increases your home’s curb appeal

Painting your home’s exterior is one of the best ways to increase its value. Since the exterior is the first thing prospective buyers see, it will create a solid first impression if you use the right paint. Also, a study revealed that repainting your home’s exterior can increase your property’s value by as much as 51%.

Painting your home’s exterior boosts its curb appeal in many ways. For starters, it covers any cracks, dents, fades, or peeling caused by wear and tear. However, if your exterior still looks decent, you may not need to spend on a full exterior paint upgrade. Instead, you can opt for professional wood repair and wood trim painting, which cost less.

Also, consider painting your front door smoky black, charcoal gray, or rich jet black. The Insider reported that these colors can boost your home’s value by $6,000.

Give your bathroom a calming vibe

Like your home’s exterior, repainting your bathroom is another way of increasing your property’s value. Does your bathroom sport a white theme or perhaps some deep colors? Consider replacing them with something in between. Some of the best paint options for bathrooms are very light grey or light periwinkle blue.

These colors give character to your bathroom without going overboard. Also, having these colors as your canvas will make your bathroom fixtures stand out. Your cabinets, towels, and even your small plants will pop.

Also, they give that relaxing vibe without bordering on plain and boring. On the flip side, using bold colors can potentially overwhelm prospective buyers. These colors may not sit well with most people, especially those who treat their bathroom as a place for relaxation.

Make your kitchen stand out

Repainting your bathroom is good, but you can take things to the next level by sprucing up your kitchen with fresh paint as well. The kitchen is another one of those sacred areas of the home. It is where good food and great memories with kids, friends, and loved ones are made.

Never list your home without revisiting the condition of your kitchen. What kind of paint does it have? There is a big chance that your kitchen sports your favorite color. There’s nothing wrong with having a kitchen with walls painted in red if it happens to be your favorite. However, this may not be the case for home hunters.

Deeply saturated colors may work for you, but it can easily bring down your home’s value by as much as $2,000. Detach your emotions as much as you can and remove that deep red or dark green paint in your kitchen. In turn, give it a more neutral palette, which is friendlier to the eyes of potential buyers.

The advantage of repainting your kitchen with more neutral colors is that you’re giving the buyers a chance to envision what they want to do with the kitchen. By making their lives easy, the chances of them buying your property also go up.

Your interior paint counts

Staging a house for sale will not be complete without painting your home’s interior. Like with your bathroom and kitchen, do away with bright, saturated, and bold colors. Hire a professional painter to give the entire interior part of your home a fresh coat of neutral paint.

Also, you want to check the paint of your cabinets, baseboards, and banisters. If they have outdated finishes, give them a timely update by painting them bright white.

Don’t forget the most important interior space you need to repaint, which is the master bedroom. If you have deep and dark colors in your bedroom, repaint it with soft grey and other neutral palettes. Also, repaint the trims around the bedroom, as this will make it look neat and fresh.

Let us help sell your home faster

Whether you hire real estate staging companies or take on the painting job yourself, updating the colors inside and outside your property will boost your property’s value. However, there is more work to be done if you wish to find the right buyer. With a little help from a trusted real estate company like Team Hatvany, you will be able to find a buyer in no time.

Let Team Hatvany point you in the right direction. As a seasoned real estate team in San Francisco, their local expertise will put your property in a better selling position. Connect with them at 415.710.6462 or send them an email at team(at)teamhatvany(dotted)com.

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