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Exploring the Bay Area: Your Guide to the Best Places to Live in San Francisco

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The Bay City of San Francisco has undoubtedly made the cut as one of most sought after places to live in the United States. Apart from its spectacular view of the Golden Gate and the Bay Bridge, its vibrant bar and club scene, great wines, and warm climate prove itself to be called home. Whether you are a young professional, an executive, an incoming university student, or a senior going on retirement, you will surely find your ideal home in the Bay Area. To help you get started, here’s a rundown of some of the best places to live in San Francisco.

Places Ideal for Young Hotshots Who Like Night Life

Castro. Living in Castro is finding yourself settled in one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the United States. Located five minutes away from the Civic Center, Castro’s vibrant community is one of the many reasons why it is a great neighborhood to live in San Francisco. It is packed with a wide variety of great bars and cafes. Further, it gives quick access to the great parks like Dolores, which is found in Mission.

Mission. This place is named for the Catholic mission that was built on it in 1776 which remains to be the oldest existing structure in San Francisco. To this day, Mission is known for its vibrant and active nightlife. A haven for people who love arts, this place offers you a wide variety of Latino food choices (going from Mexican, Peruvian, to El Salvadoran cuisine) and allows your eyes to feast on its culture dominated by street art.

You will find yourself mesmerized with The Mission Murals and the small patches of green spaces around. Another thing you will love about Mission is its flat terrain and warmer climate. This is especially ideal for those who enjoy the city’s famous attractions like the Dolores Park, Duboce Park, and its bike track that is easy to tread.

Places Ideal for Tech Savvies, Young Professionals, and University students

Sunnyvale. It sits itself as one of the most affordable neighborhoods around Silicon Valley. This populated community is also home to world’s prominent technology companies like LinkedIn, Juniper Networks, and Apple. Staying in Sunnyvale provides you access to many technology campuses in the Silicon Valley. Apart from the cheaper housing stocks available, the suburbs in Sunnyvale are also safe and very quiet.

Palo Alto. This Silicon Valley neighborhood is highly diverse – from families with old kids to singles and young couples who mostly work in the technology industry. Though it will cost you a lot in terms of rent, living in Palo Alto lets you enjoy its admirable public facilities (schools, healthcare, and religion) which includes a good number of tech shuttles going around the area. You will also enjoy its well-maintained public parks, great selection of restaurants and cafes and decent co-working spaces. Most importantly, Palo Alto is home to Stanford University. However, this does not convert the neighborhood into a university town as it gets empty when uni students are in break.

Rockridge. If you need a home in your stay at the University of California – Berkeley, then Rockridge makes the perfect choice for you. This neighborhood is found just across the Bay Bridge. It features chic boutiques and gourmet ethnic restaurants. The bungalows of Rockridge are home to your fellow uni students and university faculty and staff. This neighborhood is also filled with a few families, professionals and seniors.

Places Ideal for Those Who Like Everything Luxe

Pacific Heights. Gorgeous Victorian and Edwardian homes characterize this classy neighborhood. This hilltop community—which boasts to have the most scenic location in northern California showcasing breathtaking views of the San Francisco Bay, Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge—deserves a spot in your list of great neighborhoods to live in San Francisco. Socialites, executives, professionals and longtime residents of San Francisco reside in the Pacific Heights.

Noe Valley. This affluent neighborhood is found in the central part of San Francisco.
The place has undergone gentrification and has become a family-friendly community. The place is full of restaurants, coffee shops, pubs, grocery stores and gyms that fit your lifestyle as a young professional and or maybe someone who is starting a family. Noe Valley has earned its nickname “Stroller Town” because of the increasing number of young couples with their kids, building their families.

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