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An essential guide to staying fit in the Bay Area

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The Bay Area is home to an active community dedicated to health and wellness. If you have an on-the-go lifestyle or are looking to start living more healthily, San Francisco may just be the perfect place for you. From the most scenic jogging trails to the best gyms in the Bay Area, and from organic restaurants to zesty juice stores, there are plenty of opportunities to stay fit here.

Here is a guide to the best spots in the SF Bay Area for fitness, healthy eating, and sustaining an overall healthy lifestyle.


There are over 82,000 bicycle trips in San Francisco every single day – a number that only seems to be increasing as time passes. An everyday activity in the Bay

Area, biking is an enjoyable way to burn calories. With streets filled with bike lanes, the region provides an active and economical approach to getting around. For scenic views, go for a ride on the Golden Gate Bridge, Lake Chabot Shoreline Trail, and Tennessee Valley.


For runners, the city of San Francisco offers a vast concrete playground with beautiful scenery at just about every corner. People can run by the bay or near their home, walk leisurely along large sidewalks, and cool down in designated spaces along the way.

One of the Bay Area’s most beautiful running trails is Sequoia Bayview Trail, where you can run through groups of massive redwood trees. For an uphill run with wonderful views of the ocean, take the SCA Trail. Other popular trails include Crystal Springs Trail and West Ridge Trail.


Gyms seem to spring up on every corner of San Francisco. While it would be hard to define the best gym in San Francisco, they all offer something for everyone. Whether you are looking to build muscle or work on your cardio, there are plenty of options here.

For straight forward bodybuilding, Live Fit Gym has a well-maintained facility with machines and cable systems. If you want a fast-paced full-body workout, Basecamp is the place for you. Meanwhile, StudioMix offers a wide range of facilities for rock climbing, cross-training, and indoor cycling.


Yoga is a wonderful exercise that relaxes the muscles, improves blood flow, and helps ease stress by calming the mind. In the Bay Area, you will find dozens of studios dedicated to the art, each with their unique approach.

Head to Yoga Tree to practice a wide range of styles like kirtan and acro. If you’re looking to break a sweat, Yoga Flow offers challenging classes. Meanwhile, the Nia dance and meditation classes at Namaste Yoga are sure to keep you healthy.

Rock climbing

Rock climbing offers a surprisingly enjoyable alternative to the typical exercise session. An exhilarating way to break a sweat, this total body workout is proven to have several health benefits. It increases balance, improves strength, and even boosts mental coordination. If you want to give rock climbing a try, some of the top sites to go to include Planet Granite and Mission Cliffs Climbing and Fitness.

Martial arts

Whether it is boxing or Brazilian jiu-jitsu, practicing martial arts comes with tremendous health benefits. These include raising focus, losing weight, and improving strength. It also benefits your mental health as it keeps your emotions in check by decreasing stress and anxiety, and increasing self-esteem.

If you want to learn how to box, 3rd Street Boxing Gym and HIT SF are great options. Meanwhile, Fight and Fitness offers classes on Muay Thai, Brazilian jiujitsu, and other various martial arts. Other popular martial arts gyms include AB Mixed Martial Arts Academy, One Martial Arts, and Eskabo Daan.

Healthy eating

San Francisco is filled with excellent food options for people who want to stay fit. The organic food revolution hit the city long ago, so you will find restaurants selling nothing but healthy food everywhere you go. Whatever your preference, the Bay Area will surely find it in spades.

Head to Bluestone Lane for a delicious selection of salads, toast, and bowls. For vegan or gluten-free options, the turmeric daikon congee at The Well and the Japanese kale salad at Shizen have got you covered. Once you are done eating, you can wash your meal down with the refreshing smoothies at Project Juice.

The Bay Area is home to an exciting assortment of fitness opportunities. If you are ready to live an active lifestyle in San Francisco, Nina Hatvany and Team Hatvany can help you find the right home. Call them today at 415.710.6462 or send them an email at nina(at)ninahatvany(dotted)com to get started.

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