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7 best pizza restaurants in San Francisco

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You can’t go wrong with the kind of culinary fare the Bay Area’s restaurants offer. Most dining spots feature delectable and exciting cuisine created by award-winning chefs and restaurateurs. However, you will be surprised that among the best food in San Francisco, a classic favorite with the majority of residents and tourists here is a baked treat with loads of toppings – pizza.

While California’s pizzas are notably the most well-known in the country, San Francisco claims to have some of the best pizzerias in the West Coast. If you’re up for some cheesy, gooey goodness this side of town, check out these 7 best places to visit in the Bay Area for great pizza:

  1. Pizzeria Delfina
    3611 18th Street

    Pizzeria Delfina is your classic neighborhood establishment with a modern twist. This farmers-to-table restaurant offers fresh, handmade pizza inspired by New York City and Naples, Italy.

    The restaurant is known for its thin-crust pizzas and has earned the reputation of being the “darling of the San Francisco food scene”. Pies here are topped with authentic cheeses and smoked meats like fior di latte mozzarella and prosciutto di parma.

    Also, they have an array of seasonal antipasti, entrees, beer, and wine rounding out their offerings.

  2. Flour + Water
    2401 Harrison Street

    Flour + Water serves authentic Neapolitan-style pizzas that combine regional traditions of Italy with a Northern Californian flair. Each pie that comes out of their Italian wood-fired 900-degree oven is crisp and exquisitely charred with blistered edges.

    Flour + Water tops its pizzas with seasonal ingredients and other delicacies like Calabrian chili, fior di latte, and house-made pork sausage. For something new, try the Speck pizza with Asian pear, speck, gorgonzola, Cipollini, arugula, and aceto balsamico.

    No meal is complete without dessert, and this restaurant does not disappoint up to the last round of dishes. Try some Italian desserts like their chocolate budino, lemon pine nut cake, or vanilla bean and buttermilk panna cotta. Pair your pizza and dessert with something from their extensive wine and beer list.

  3. Capo’s
    641 Vallejo Street

    Capo’s serves classic and authentic Chicago-style pizzas. The crust is made from Ceresota Flour, a product of one of Chicago’s oldest running mills. Choose from any of four crust variants: deep dish, cast iron pan, stuffed, or cracker-thin.

    Get to the restaurant early and order the Tre Forni, a World Pizza Championship-winning dish that elevates the simple pie. This dish is so special because of the specialized preparations that orders are limited to only 10 per day.

  4. Little Star
    846 Divisadero Street and 400 Valencia Street

    Another Chicago-style pizza joint, Little Star, has been a local favorite since 2004. The restaurant’s main claim to fame is its new and exciting take on the classic deep-dish. Its crunchy cornmeal crust is among the best in the city. It features a mix of robust flavor profiles like feta, house-baked chicken, piquant green olives, and artichoke hearts.

  5. Fiorella
    2339 Clement Street and 2238 Polk Street

    Fiorella is more than just your simple pizza place, it is a neighborhood establishment that offers some of the best pies in town. You cannot go wrong with the classic Margherita, but their creations like the San Marzano, breakfast pie, and clam pizza are hits, as well. Try their rotating specialty pizza which features an eclectic combination of seasonal ingredients.

    Inside, you will see chic custom wallpaper depicting local celebrities and retro décor. The restaurant’s design exudes an effortlessly cool and calm atmosphere that’s perfect for hanging out with friends or just for simply enjoying a good meal.

  6. Tony’s Pizza Napoletana
    1570 Stockton Street

    Tony’s Pizza Napoletana brings the spirit of Naples, Italy to the heart of San Francisco. Inspired by authentic Neapolitan pizza, this pizzeria uses only the finest ingredients from Italy to top off their hand-crafted creations.

    This restaurant goes above and beyond your average pizza joint, offering 13 different types of pizzas baked in seven ovens. In addition to their perfected Neapolitan pizza, their pizza styles range from Sicilian to New Jersey tomato-topped to California style.

  7. Del Popolo
    855 Bush Street

    Del Popolo had its humble beginnings as a food truck; now, it is one of the must-visit pizza places in town. Every pizza that comes out of the wood-fired oven is prepared in-house by chef and owner Jonathan Darsky. The thin, crispy, and perfectly blistered crust has been acclaimed by many publications including Gourmet, The San Francisco Chronicle, The New York Times, and Food & Wine Magazine. The great crust and creative toppings make Del Popolo’s pizza stand out from the rest.

Now that you know about San Francisco’s great culinary delights, you can discover what else the Bay Area has to offer. Also learn about your real estate options in the area with the help of an expert luxury realtor, Nina Hatvany and Team Hatvany. Get in touch with us today at 415.710.6462 or send an email to nina(at)ninahatvany(dotted)com.

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