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Houses and Condos

House vs Condo: Which One Should You Buy?

Homes for sale in San Francisco come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and styles. In this diverse and highly competitive housing market, one of the most distinctive decisions you might have to make is choosing between a detached house an...

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The Bay Area’s Most Expensive Housing Markets

Over the years, technology companies have set up their headquarters in and around San Francisco. Silicon Valley has long attracted the brightest minds to the Bay Area, resulting in one of the most robust housing markets in America. The B...

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How to Find Your Ideal Child-Friendly Home

Buying a home can be a complicated yet exciting process. If you have kids, the process is even more layered and complex. Parents have to consider not only their personal wants and needs but also the fast-changing needs of growing children. ...

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Top Home Luxury Features

Top Home Features That Luxury Homebuyers Look For

Now that we are in the COVID-19 era where staying home for health and safety is the norm, the trend in home design calls for features that combine luxury and style with function and efficiency. Upscale home buyers are on the lookout for fea...

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How to choose a home with good resale value

How to Choose a Home With Good Resale Value

When shopping for a potential future home, it is natural to prioritize features you are personally looking for in a home. However, you may also want to include the resale value in your home-buying checklist. Since buying a house is a sig...

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