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How to save for a down payment on your dream home

Finding and owning a dream home is everyone’s fantasy. Since dreams are personal and subjective, there is no right or wrong when it comes to the house that you want. It can be a 6-bedroom luxury house or a smaller single-family home with ...

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elegant kitchen

Top 8 Features Your Luxury Home Should Have

There are many ways to define "luxury" in a luxury home, which usually fall along the lines of "high price range", "premium neighborhood", or "upscale home design." But truly luxurious homes go beyond monetary value. If you're planning ...

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How to Safely Enjoy Bay Area’s Reopened Nightlife

San Francisco is a hip and vibrant city with an endless array of attractions. And with its diverse mix of restaurants, bars, and nightclubs that range from retro-themed live music venues to infamous historical saloons, the City by the Bay s...

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How to Sell Your Bay Area Luxury Home

Classifying a property as "luxury" raises many expectations: upscale quality of life, above-median prices, the latest furnishings and amenities, and distinctive architecture and design. In line with this, selling luxury properties goes b...

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Saving up for a Bay Area Home: Tips for Millennials

Buying a home is the quintessential American Dream. This has been proven throughout history, and holds true to this day. And with most millennials now moving up and dominating today's workforce and economy, it's expected that they will also...

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Smart Tech to Make Your Home COVID-free

Life in our new normal means making a more vigilant approach to achieve cleanliness. Washing with soap and water is among the most effective ways to kill deadly pathogens lurking around us. However, the everyday objects inside our own homes...

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