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From Pacific Heights, Cow Hollow and the Marina to Noe Valley and Bernal Heights; Sea Cliff to South Beach; Nina and Team Hatvany represent buyers and sellers of homes and real estate investments all over San Francisco at all price-points and in each of its distinct neighborhoods.

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"“Vanessa - THANK YOU for your tireless effort in finding us the right place. Nina - we have been delighted by your sharp insight + helpful comments ..."

- -Ryan- -

"Nina and Natalie, First, THANK YOU for all you did to make this house happen. We couldn't be more THRILLED with the house and working with you throu..."

- Anonymous -

"Now that the dust has finally settled, just wanted to write to thank you for the guidance and savvy that you provided us during our purchase and sale...."

- Tom and Lexi -

"Nina Hatvany is a fabulous real estate agent! I can't recommend her highly enough. My husband and I have worked with many agents over the years and,..."

- Suzi A -

"Many thanks to you, Nina and Paul and Natalie!!! Amazing team of professionals! "

- Susy -

"Thanks everyone…. I am thrilled with the result of all your hard work. Susan was right when she extolled the virtues of working with Nina and Nat..."

- Susan K -

"Nina and Natalie, Thank you so much! Howard and I would definitely recommend you to our friends. Even our loan officer at Wells Fargo broug..."

- Susan -

"Dear Nina, Not easy to combine number of sales with knowledge,style,compassion and elegance, but yet Nina you really do do it! With heart felt grati..."

- Sharon -

"Great outcome. Thanks to you, Natalie and Paul. What could have otherwise been a fairly cumbersome and risky interim period having purchased prior t..."

- Scott G -

"You both have been the greatest to work with. Sanjay and I can't thank you enough, and we couldn't be happier with our new home!"

- Sanjay And Sejal -
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Team Hatvany Post 01
Selling your home? Here are 7 useful tips every seller should know

Making the decision to sell your home is not easy. Once you’ve made up your mind, however, it’s time to get to work to ensure you get the best possible outcome. Selling your home successfully takes more than just putting up a “For Sale” sign in your yard or listing it on the MLS. There are plenty of planning and preparations to do to sell your home quickly and at the best price. The following tips will help ensure success in your home selling journey: Do your research Every home selling process should start with researching about the area’s real estate market. With San Francisco being one of the fastest growing metros in the last twenty years, the real estate market here is constantly evolving and Bay Area home prices are always changing. Before putting your home up for sale, you should first familiarize yourself with the trends and factors that affect the market. This will give you a strong and accurate basis in pricing your home and in developing your marketing strategy. Look for the right real estate agent Getting the help of a real estate agent early on is essential. An experienced Realtor will know how to make your home stand out in the market and what to do to appeal to the right buyers. As skilled negotiators, they can also help screen potential buyers and close the best possible sale for your property. Additionally, you can rely on them for assistance on the mountain of paperwork involved in the process. In finding the right real estate agent, try to interview as many candidates as you can. Look into their experience and track record, and ask them how they plan to market and sell your home for the best price possible. Consider hiring a professional cleaner Preparing your home for the sale starts with deep cleaning, and the best way to do this is by hiring a professional cleaner. A pro can do a much better job than you in getting your home spic-and-span from top to bottom. From vacuuming the carpets and removing grime in toilets to disinfecting doorknobs, professional cleaners can make your home look brand new. Do the necessary repairs Make a thorough inspection of your home and identify all areas where repairs are needed. Hire a professional inspector if necessary. With the high prices of homes today, buyers are looking for no less than a move-in ready home with minimal repairs. If you have the skills and know how, you can probably perform minor fixes yourself, but leave the more important ones to the pros. Some buyers might be suspicious of DIY repairs and consider them red flags. If you’re not up to the task, hire professionals to do the necessary repairs, especially in critical areas like the plumbing, electrical systems, roofing, and others. Price your home accurately Overpricing is the main reason homes sit on the market longer than necessary. On the other hand, under pricing can lead to lost opportunities. Setting the correct price for your home can be difficult, but you can make the right call if you know the most important things to consider. Looking at the sale prices of similar homes in your area is a good place to start. Know what makes these homes more or less appealing than yours, then adjust your estimate accordingly. It’s best to consult your Realtor, who will perform a Comparative Market Analysis to come up with the most appropriate listing price for your home. Stage your home Home staging has been found in many studies to help sell a property faster and at a higher price. Staging a house for sale is an art. Hiring a professional home stager is preferable, but you can also do it yourself. The purpose of home staging is to make it easier for buyers to see themselves living in your home. With this in mind, make sure the space is free from clutter. Depersonalize the home by removing your photos and memorabilia. Rearrange the furniture and improve the lighting to make rooms appear brighter and more spacious. Add the right accents, such as throw pillows, rugs, and neutral artworks, to make the space more appealing. Work on your home’s curb appeal, as well. Mow the lawn, trim your hedges, and upgrade outside fixtures, if needed. Have your home photographed by a professional Once home staging is done, hire a professional photographer to take high quality photos of your property. With more than 90% of home searches starting on the internet, excellent photos and videos go a long way in attracting buyers and selling your home fast. With the Bay Area’s hot real estate market, now is a good time to sell your home. Get the help of experts to get top dollar for your property. Get in touch with Nina Hatvany and Team Hatvany by calling or by sending an email to .

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Team Hatvany Post 02
What you ought to know about living in the Bay Area

Scenic views, iconic landmarks, thriving businesses, and a diverse culture are just some of the things that define the Bay Area. With such a unique and exciting character, this seaside region is one of the most desirable places to live in the United States. From young families and aspiring entrepreneurs to tourists from around the world, people are flocking to this amazing place in droves. To give you a clearer idea of what it is like to live here, here’s a list of some of the best things about the Bay Area: The weather is amazing It is almost impossible to talk about the region without mentioning the weather. While San Francisco can get foggy from time to time, the majority of the Bay Area gets mostly clear skies all-year-round. With average yearly temperatures in the mid-50 degrees Fahrenheit, the heat is never overwhelming and you will not need to put on so many layers in the winter. This pleasant weather means you have plenty of time all year to spend in the beautiful outdoors. Attractions are everywhere Whether you’re a sports fan or a nature lover, you will never run out of places to visit in the Bay Area. Catch a 49ers game at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara or head on over to China Town for exotic cuisine in the heart of San Francisco. If you want to spend time outdoors, hike around Yosemite National Park or visit Golden Gate Park where you can enjoy stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge. Tech is king The tech boom that put Silicon Valley on the map is spreading like wildfire to cities like San Francisco and San Jose. For those looking to build their careers in tech, they will find many opportunities in the Bay Area. Major companies like Sales force, NVIDIA, and Adobe are some of the top choices for employment in the region. Tesla, one of the world’s leaders in tech innovation, is also headquartered in the Bay Area. The neighborhoods are diverse San Francisco has a little of everything for everyone, and that is why it has become such a melting pot in the last century. The Mission District is a favorite destination for foodies and history buffs because of its countless culinary choices and early California landmarks and attractions. Art fans will enjoy the thriving arts scene in South of Market, or SoMa, while outdoor lovers will find plenty of things to do in the Marina District and the Richmond District. Meanwhile, the large number of major companies in Palto Alto and the Financial District offer fantastic opportunities for professionals and entrepreneurs. Real estate is thriving The Bay Area has one of the strongest real estate markets in the country. Home values here continue to rise and homeowners who are looking to sell could end up with significantly high returns. Featuring highly-diverse housing options, the SF Bay area offers plenty of choices and opportunities for everyone. Single-family homes are the standard here, and you will find plenty in the urban landscape of Burlingame or by the grassy mountains of Fremont. Meanwhile, the strong draw of companies like Lockheed Martin and Yahoo attract several apartment renters. Palo Alto, on the other hand, is home to many condos, but it is also a cozy place to own a ranch or Cape Cod house. You can live without a car The SF Bay Area provides numerous public transportation options, including the BART metro/heavy rail system, commuter rail services from Caltrain, eBART, ACE, and others, the Muni Metro light rail, the Muni and AC Transit bus services, and more. The iconic San Francisco cable car still serves the area with three routes taking passengers to and from some of the area’s major tourism destinations, including Fisherman’s Wharf and Union Square. A melting pot of cultures Multicultural is one way to describe the East meets West appeal of the Bay Area. One of the most ethnically-diverse places in the country, the Bay Area boasts a unique mix of races, cultures, and religions. More than half of the 4 million who live here are people of color, and there will never be a day when the only language you hear is English. The Bay Area’s multiculturalism is also seen in its many destinations, such as Chinatown, Russian Hill, and the Castro District. This charm is perhaps never more evident than in the Fillmore District where numerous cultural parades and celebrations are held all year long. Few places in the country are as interesting as the Bay Area. If you are looking to move to this wondrous region, get in touch with Nina Hatvany and Team Hatvany. With more than 25 years of experience in the San Francisco area, they can help you find the perfect home. Call them today at or send them an email at .

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Team Hatvany Post 03
6 Important questions to ask before buying a home

Are you in the market for a new home in the Bay Area? Looking at San Francisco homes for sale, you’ll find a wide array of wonderful options. It’s easy to get emotional when you find a property you love, but it’s important to stay grounded. Keep in mind that a home is probably the single biggest purchase you’ll make in life, and with such high stakes, caution is paramount. Get as much information as you can about a property you like before making the decision to buy. Make sure you ask the right questions and you get the answers you’re looking for. Here are some of the most critical things to ask yourself and the seller: What comes with the asking price? Find out what the seller’s asking price is based upon. Compare the price with similar homes in the area. If it’s higher than others, this may give you room to negotiate or to better weigh your options. Base your comparisons on the prices of sold homes, not on sellers’ asking prices, which may be significantly different from what will eventually be agreed upon. Is the location desirable? Location is one of the most important considerations in choosing a home. A good location not only makes day-to-day living convenient, it also helps ensure a healthy rate of return if you sell the home in the future. Look into the area’s accessibility. Is there public transportation nearby? How long is the commute to your place of work? Are there schools, offices, and grocery stores in the area? Proximity to a hospital and fire station is a plus. You will also want to avoid buying in a location with heavy noise, such as one next to a train station or a highway with plenty of traffic. Does the home need repairs? The condition of the home should be a huge factor in making your decision, so don’t hesitate to ask as many questions as possible about it. A disclosure form requires California sellers to describe certain home conditions, such as leaky roofs, malfunctioning appliances, and faulty insulation systems. However, it pays to ask for information that may not be required in the disclosure, such as the age of the roof, the type of foundation, the age of the plumbing system, and so on. Knowing about potential repairs will help you prepare for their costs and give you a chance to negotiate with the seller about covering these costs. Are there pest problems? Apart from needed repairs, pest infestation is another thing you absolutely must know about. If there’s any, ask about the measures that have been taken to get rid of it. It also helps to know how long the problem has been going on and how widespread it is in the home. Pest infestations are usually red flags, but perhaps you can reach an agreement with the seller about covering extermination costs. Can I talk to the seller? Negotiations are usually conducted between agents, but it can help to talk to the seller directly. Sellers can give you quick answers to important questions, such as: How much do they owe on the house? How many offers have they received? How long has the home been on the market? Have any major renovations been made? What are the neighbors like? Getting these answers straight from the source can help you in deciding if the home is right for you, as well as in coming up with the right offer price. How much do utilities cost? Energy bills in San Francisco can be steep, so it’s important to ask the seller about their average monthly bill. Some houses may need more heating in the winter or more cooling in the summer based on the space. Old heating and cooling systems can also increase utilities cost. Asking about these will give you a good idea on what the house will cost to run throughout the year. With all the competition out there, buying the home of your dreams in San Francisco is not always easy. You need the help of an experienced Realtor who specializes in this highly dynamic market. Nina Hatvany and Team Hatvany have over 25 years of experience and has been the #1 team in all of San Francisco for many years. Let their expertise work for you. Call them at or send an email to .

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